• Wired Magazine Thomas Heatherwick article

Thomas Heatherwick celebrates some of the makers he most admires.

In an article published in “Wired Magazine” in October 2013 Thomas Heatherwick talks about some of the “makers” he has worked with over the years on projects including the London 2012 Olympic Cauldron.

In the article Heatherwick talks about the projects he has worked on saying "It feels like there has been enormous focus given to a slightly stereotyped role, which is a romantic idea that we have of the lone genius, but in a project there are multiple partners, and there has developed a very big historical disconnection between our romantic idea of thinking and our oversimplified idea of making." He then goes on to comment on the individuals he has worked with and admires saying "These are people who we work with or want to work with, who have passion, intuition, ingenuity and inspiration in what they do," he says. "Their passion is materials, processes, and the art of what might be possible in the world around us."

Among the “makers” that Heatherwick has singled out to praise in the article is Bruce Macleod of Contour Architectural for his work on the 204 hand crafted copper petals for the London 2012 Olympic Cauldron. When asked about the work done by Bruce Heatherwick said “The copper sheet was hammered and rolled on the different formers that they had in their workshops. It was very important to us that they were really beautifully done. They needed a jewellery-scale quality even though the world was going to be seeing them from hundreds of metres away.”

Bruce and his team worked with Stage One to create the stunning iconic centerpiece of the Olympic Games and, although delighted to be singled out for the work done on this particular project, shares the belief that without a good team to create a vision it will never be seen to its full potential.

The full article can be seen on the Wired website along with a gallery of other “makers” that Heatherwick has worked with and admires.

For more information on the Olympic Petals project and the work done by Bruce and the team at Contour Architectural please take a look at the Projects Gallery.

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